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Factory Address: Anqing City Economic Development Zone, Industrial Park, 1.3 square kilometers
Sales Hotline :0556-5228855
post code:246005
Hing Fung Industrial Co., Ltd. Anqing City, founded in 1998, the company is located in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, Anqing City, Anhui Province. Factory covers an area of 26,667 square meters, factory building area of 18.9 thousand square meters. And under the jurisdiction of Shanghai office, and two luggage factory. The existing staff of nearly 800 people, including technical staff accounted for 150 people.
Company is mainly engaged in pharmaceutical packaging containers and pharmaceutical plastic packaging films, bags, industrial and agricultural plastic film, Stretch film, Shrink film, all kinds of plastic bags, bags, non-woven (protective clothing, shopping bags) in the production and sales, annual turnover of nearly 150 million yuan.
    The company has world-class 3 "Note a blow," Blow molding machine, the introduction of Germany's Krupp blowing units, as well as the acquisition of imported technology from Germany single-layer, multi-layer blown film unit engaged in production of pharmaceutical packaging containers and plastic packaging film, bags, and carry out technological transformation through the GMP certificate, access to state a class of drug packaging materials, production permit; has the domestic advanced level PE Automatic Stretch film crew, and production of various industrial and agricultural plastic film, blow molding machine for nearly 30 more than a large group of ; with nearly 500 units producing all kinds of bags, protective clothing, sewing machines group.
    Company is producing all kinds of product variety, size, capacity range: 1, pharmaceutical packaging container series (5ml-200ml) annual production capacity reached 300 million; 2, industrial and agricultural plastic film, Stretch film, Shrink film, all kinds of plastic packaging Bag annual production capacity to 1 million tons; 3, (non-woven, oxford cloth, thin canvas, PEVA, PVC) shopping bags, bags, woven (medical supplies, protective clothing) and other products to reach annual production capacity of 80 million yuan.
The twenty-first century, the company will accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise management system, adhere to multi-variety and high-end development, he kept on high-tech content, enhance marketing efforts; continuous improvement, and rolling development, and strive to scale-based enterprise development.